By Rob Packer

Taxco is one of those picture-perfect colonial towns that crop up over Latin America and I visited the town twice while I lived in Mexico in 2010. Unlike a lot of Spanish colonial towns, it isn’t built on a gridiron plan but is instead splashed over a mountainside a few hours south of Mexico City. Streets disappear down canyons or snake around the mountain contours filled with white taxis vochos, the VW Beetle taxis that have mostly disappeared from Mexico City.

Even though I must have been at least 20 before I ever stepped foot in a Beetle, these vochos fill me with a borrowed nostalgia, which blinded me on my second visit with my parents. Read more of this post


The dunes

By Rob Packer

The island city of Florianópolis—a Ilha da Magia in local tourist brochures—is known throughout the Southern Cone for having over 40 sandy beaches along its Phuket-sized coastline. One of the most beautiful parts of the island, though, are the kilometres of dunes between Joaquina, one of the island’s surfing beaches, and the Lagoa da Conceição, a lagoon on the east side of the island.

The first proper view of the dunes coming from Lagoa.

A small pond hidden by the dunes.

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours walking across the dunes and traipsing through the swampy wetlands where colonies of plants, birds and fish have begun to colonise the sand. It seems you might get lost in the swamp within sight of crowds of people sandboarding the dunes—we almost did—before arriving at Joaquina for a coco verde. Read more of this post

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