Can Money Buy Style?

By Rob Packer

As part of the off-and-on blog series of  “tourist knick-knacks that are funny until you look at the price tag” (see this silver gorilla on a surfboard in Mexico), here are some tropical birds in semi-precious stones that Brazilian kitschmeisters Amsterdam Sauer keep in their shop at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.

While the workmanship is evidently impressive, the results show—as with so much in life—that less really is more. A pink bald eagle touching down on an outcrop of quartz (or whatever it may be) might be a bold visual statement, but as far as I’m concerned it  sits somewhere on the line between bathetic and downright hilarious. Well, actually mostly hilarious and I couldn’t help wondering if the strategy behind the shop’s location is that the beautiful view numbs your credit card hand and makes you start thinking about clearing out that space on the mantelpiece for a colourful new addition.

What do you think?

4 Responses to Can Money Buy Style?

  1. Bashar A. says:

    No money can’t buy style… the pictures are the evidence 🙂

    • Rob Packer says:

      Haha – clearly not 😉 These things had me in stitches – though judging by the other people walking past looking admiringly at them and the looks I was getting for my belly laughs, not everyone agrees/realizes

  2. Oh. My. I’m speechless. Say, did you take a peek at the price tag? Not that I’m reaching for my pocket book. The top shot pink bird has possibilities. . .T. (I dig the detail pic!)

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