Here is a coast; here is a harbor;
here, after a meager diet of horizon, is some scenery:
impractically shaped and—who knows?—self-pitying mountains,
sad and harsh beneath their frivolous greenery,

from ‘Arrival at Santos’, Elizabeth Bishop

Photos from two trips to Sugarloaf Mountain this year. The best thing about a visit up the Pão de Açúcar—apart from the view obviously—is the little piece of forest that hovers at the top of the mountain nearly 400m above Guanabara Bay: it feels like spending an afternoon on Laputa from Gulliver’s Travels. Only without anyone trying to extract sunlight from cucumbers.

Not exactly a tree for climbing.


10 Responses to Sugarloaf

  1. Marissa says:

    What fantastic photos!

  2. johnfield1 says:

    I agree with Marissa – spectacular scenery, Rob.

  3. Bashar A. says:

    Nice scenery Rob… I really like the images with the flare, not the typical way of seeing Rio pics.

  4. lostsambista says:

    Great photos, congrats!

  5. Very spectacular. Rob.

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