A Life-Time First

By Rob Packer

The first time I came to Brazil was only two years ago, but in all that time I’ve never been to one of the country’s true passions: futebol. Until tonight, that is.

We went to Fluminense, one of the Rio teams, against Ponte Preta from Campinas. The experience was—in a word—mind-blowing.

Here are some photos:

Under the Fluminense flag.

Dressed for the match.

The crowd begins its celebrations as Fluminense goes from 1-0 behind to win 2-1


5 Responses to A Life-Time First

  1. Gorgeous shots, Rob! T. (I’m now singing favorite “Wavin’ Flag” tune by K’naan. Pretty! T. (I especially love the umbrella shot. What expressions!)

  2. johnfield1 says:

    It looks terrifying, Rob. No hand grenades tossed at unlucky goalkeepers, I hope!

  3. Bashar A. says:

    Never been but I’ve been told by everyone that its a must for me… I’m mad about my futebol 🙂

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