A Literary Map of Manhattan

Thanks to literaryman.com for posting this amazing map of Manhattan.


The New York Times Book Review has created A Literary Map of Manhattan: an interactive site where you can roam freely to discover where characters from your favorite New York City novels “lived, worked, played, drank, walked, and  looked at ducks.” Once you’ve discovered where exactly, from the northern tip of the island to the southern waters, your favorite characters partook in their adventures, you too can travel to these locations, whip out your favorite book passage, and re-live the moment. We can’t wait to get started.

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7 Responses to A Literary Map of Manhattan

  1. Robyn Goodman says:

    I may or may not have ate a croissant and drank coffee at 5am outside tiffanys a la Audrey H during our GS jaunt…

  2. OH. Wow. The map is fantastic!! T. (Off now to explore. Thanks for the distraction!)

    • Rob Packer says:

      I know! It’s amazing and is pretty much directing my free time while I’m here in NYC.

      • Enjoy!! T. (If time permits, check out the “Charles Dickens: The Key to Character” and the “Lunch Hour NYC” exhibitions at the New York Public Library. Both look wonderful!)

      • Rob Packer says:

        Funny you mention those: a friend was just talking about them yesterday! Will definitely try to hop it up Bryant Park-wards over the next few weeks.

      • One more tip! The weekend Flea Market on 25th and 6th Avenue is fun and affordable. And don’t leave with city without strolling along the new High Line in Chelsea. The views and gardens are gorgeous, especially at sunset. It’s a great place to people-watch.The galleries in this hood are also visit-worthy. Again, enjoy!! T.

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