The Olympics: Cycling Road Race

By Rob Packer

Team GB: Wiggins, Millar, Froome (and Cavendish in the back)

After last night’s fantastic opening ceremony, we got up at a bleary-eyed 6am and sent my dad down to the cycling road race at Hampton Court this morning to bag a good view and set out some flags.

After Wiggins’ and Cavendish’s wins at the Tour de France, Britain is now completely cycling-mad and there was something really emotional about seeing this Olympic event on the roads where I grew up—and where I used to cycle as a teenager. In a break from the norm, the race is still going on, so there still is all to play (or ride) for. Here are some photos:

Early birds: If you’re early enough, someone from the Organizing Committee will even come round to tell you your Union Jack’s up the wrong way: if they don’t, my parents might be on hand.

Waiting for the race.

Support cars coming through with police escort. The country was only on the back bumper, so I couldn’t cheer on the Brazilian and Colombian cars.

The breakaway comes through.

The breakaway heads off past the crowds on Hampton Court Bridge.

The peloton arrives around the corner with Team GB in front.

The peloton takes the corner.

Swinging by.

The Olympic rings outside Hampton Court Palace.

The jump for Wednesday’s time trials.

Flags outside Hampton Court, including my—err—other teams, Colombia and Brazil.


3 Responses to The Olympics: Cycling Road Race

  1. Rob,
    Nice, atmospheric pics. I watched most of the race on TV – had to switch to streaming the coverage from NBC where one of the commentators was the great Paul Sherwen. BBC coverage was useless, no race stats, no sense of excitement no depth of coverage. Result was such a great shame for Team GB and especially Cav, but none of he other teams were up for working with them.


    • Rob Packer says:

      Thanks, Peter. I’m glad you liked the photos!
      It was such a shame for Cav and the team! We only watched them outbound: it was going to be too much to see them on the inbound stretch and get home to see the finish, so we got the minutes of awkward silence on the Beeb. Thanks for the NBC tip

  2. Ow, Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

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