A Late Anniversary

By Rob Packer

It is two weeks late for the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth. In my defence, I had no idea until I was flicking through magazines absent-mindedly at the barbers’ this morning that I found out that this pioneer of computing spent two years, while he worked at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, living barely 500m from the house I grew up in. I catch sight of whenever I’m at my parents’ house and go for a run or catch a bus, but had never seen (or looked at) the blue plaque set on the white wall by the front door. It also seems bizarre to think that he must have walked twice a day across the same park I go running in. I have no idea if the post-war park had the same open savannahs and herds of deer that Bushy Park has today, but it’s a nice image to have.


One Response to A Late Anniversary

  1. leifhendrik says:

    Sometimes we have these discoveries! About twelve years ago I walked up to a plaque on a building two blocks from my flat and read that Jack London had been born in a house which had stood on that site and which I had been passing every day on my after lunch walk for ages without knowing.

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