By Rob Packer

Autumnal Sambaqui, a village strung along three bays on the northwest coast of Santa Catarina Island, feels a world away from the subdued bustle of Florianópolis’ centre or the summertime activity of the city’s beach resorts. It and Santo Antônio de Lisboa, another village close by, were some of the earliest areas of the island to be settled by Portuguese from the Azores, and apart from restaurants taking advantage of sunset views, small-scale fishing and oyster farming are the most visible parts of the local economy.

Sambaqui back to the centre of Florianópolis

Sunset, Ponta de Sambaqui.

Bird. Rock. Boat.

Sunset, Santo Antônio de Lisboa.

I’ve been to Sambaqui a couple of times—it’s a stunningly beautiful place—but that is nothing on what I went to yesterday night, which still seems like one of those dream-like, eternally memorable, never repeatable moments. Read more of this post

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