La Macarena

By Rob Packer

I spent Saturday morning nursing a terrible hangover (enguayabado in Colombian Spanish) after a night of rumba, barra libre and fondo blanco, and hoping that I’d feel able to eat something by the time my friends Sasha and Rodrigo were supposed to pick me up for lunch. By the time they arrived to pick me up, my recovery had begun and I was feeling able to face the day.

Sasha and Rodrigo took me to the area they live in, a barrio of Bogotá called La Macarena, which is one of the more Bohemian areas of the city. Full of world restaurants and with an artistic vibe, it reminded me more of some areas of Brooklyn than my concept of Bogotá. It was worth getting over the enguayabado for.

Churrasquería gaucha, an Argentine restaurant in Bogotá's La Macarena.

A gorilla with wings.

The car park for La Juguetería, a restaurant in La Macarena. The toys over the walls give it a circus-gone-wrong quality.

When toys aren't cute.

Another, less scary, car park.

Streets of La Macarena.

Streets of La Macarena after the rain

A blue building in La Macarena.

La Hamburguesería, part of a chain of premium burger restaurants.

The burger at La Hamburguesería. I love papas criollas (small yellow potatoes).

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